Hey, I'm Martin, let me introduce myself.
I'm 24 and live in Belgium. I'm currently in my last year at school, where i study 3D Films.
I'm currently working pretty hard to specialize myself in hardsurface modelling, texturing and lighting.
I love seeing a blank scene taking life.
Whether it'd be on a film, a game or even a commercial, I'm eager to finally work, to be able to express myself through creation and to be apart of a special project and carry it with a team from the ground up.
I find the upmost satisfaction in seeing a creation growing day by day, tackling work i may find too hard for myself, and finally manage to overcome all the challenges.
I always have been a team player, whether it is in sports or in work groups, I always loved working with people. I am a sociable person that constantly need interaction with other humans. My biggest fear would be to work remotely but i do not mind moving across the planet to work with you !
My goal is to constantly get better at my craft and one day, work on a film that i would have absolutely loved to discover as a spectator.
I'm a pretty hardworker, i don't mind spending that extra time perfecting or researching the detail that will bring my creation to the next level. I'm a fast learner, naturally, picking up new softwares don't scare me at all. Speaking of softwares, here's all the softwares i feel confortable using, to this date:

I don't have any professional experience in 3D, yet. But i've worked in many restaurants since i was 16, so I developed ease to talk with customers and people different from me. I also worked two years as a sound engineer at Katch Studio, in Brussels, where i had to work with great artists and develop customer experience with businesses.
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